Markers Dedicated at Kealing, Austin American Statesman, Nov. 2nd 1987, B4

Author: Evans, Roxanne

This piece in the Austin American Statesman covers the dedication of two historical markers on the site of Kealing Middle School. One marker was dedicated to L.C. Anderson himself, and the other recognized the importance of the site to Black education in Austin. Austin resident Ada Simond recalled starting her education reading books on the steps of L.C. Anderson’s home. 

Courtesy of the Austin History Center

Map and Legend of Latin Teaching in Austin ISD Today

This map shows the location of Austin ISD Schools where Latin is offered, plotted against Austin’s current residential demographic distribution. As the map shows, Latin is predominantly offered in central and western Austin, while Black residents remain most concentrated to the east. The map utilizes 2020 Census data of Black residents in Austin neighborhoods, with the population density ranging from 0-39.5%. The population range brackets are divided into colors, with the light purple representing the lowest density of Black residents and the dark purple representing the highest. The population range brackets are as followed, starting with the light purple: 0-5.1%, 5.1-11.4%, 11.4-19.8%, 19.8-39.5%

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