“The Course of Negro History”, December 1968

page 15 from a book dated December 1968. at the top of the page is a photo of a professor standing at a podium in from of a lecture room full of people

Author: Banks, Dean

This retrospective from 1968 in the Alcalde describes the rising demand for Black studies at UT, which would be partially addressed by Bullock’s hiring, against the background of increasing civil unrest across the nation. Arguments about the proper focus of Black education had changed considerably from the early 20th century debates in which Lovinggood and Kealing participated. The 1960s saw concerted efforts to advance specifically Black and Africana cultural studies against their marginalization in the educational system.

Courtesy of UT Black Studies Archive, Benson Latin American Collection, LLILAS Benson Latin American Studies and Collections, The University of Texas at Austin.

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