The Weekly Bulletin Annual Catalog Edition 1909-1910

Location, Buildings and Accommodation. Samuel Huston College is located in Austin, Texas, the capital of the state. Austin is one of the most beautiful cities in the Southwest. Its population is about 50,000. Is is a city of modern improvements, colleges, churches, and cultured people. The climate is dry, delightful, and healthful. The main building is situated upon a lot of six acres at the corner of East Twelfth Street and East Avenue, within five blocks of the magnificent Texas capitol building. The main building is four stories high, made of pressed brick, having large and commodious rooms lighted with electricity. The building is furnished with iron beds with good springs. Girls occupy the main building. We own some cottages near by, the rooms of which are papered. A boys' hall is now completed and we can care for all the boys who may come.

This section of the course catalog describes Austin in attractive terms, likely as advertisement for the college. Note especially the population change from then to now. As of the 2021 census, Austin has a population of nearly a million. The “magnificent Texas capitol building” was completed only twenty years before this catalog came out. 

Courtesy of George Washington Carver Museum and Cultural Center

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