Preparatory Latin, The Weekly Bulletin Annual Catalog Edition 1909-1910

Latin. Junior Year. Special Attention is given to inflections; syntax of cases and verbs; structure of sentences with special regard to relative and conditional sentences, indirect discourse, and the subjunctive; translation into Latin of detached sentences and very easy prose based on Caesar. Junior Middle Year. Caesar. The first four books on the Gallic War. Drill in forms, syntax, use of subjunctive and infinitive. Middle Year. First Semester: Cicero's Orations Against Cataline, Archias, Manillian Law. Second Semester: Ovid's Metamorphosis. Prosody in studied. Senior Year. Virgil, six books and so much prosody as relates to dactylic hexameter. Special attention is given to Roman customs, mythology. etc., as suggested by the poem. Greek. Middle Year. First Semester: Common forms, constructions and grammatical principles of Attic Greek prose. Text-book: White's Lessons.

In Junior year Latin, students focused on the formal properties of Latin declensions, as well as increasingly complex sentences. Authors include Caesar, a Roman general who composed an account of his own conquest of Gaul (modern France), and Ovid, a witty poet who wrote love poetry and mythological works.  

Courtesy of George Washington Carver Museum and Cultural Center

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