Locations of Anderson High School, First Original L.C. Anderson Alumni Reunion, 1991.

four of school houses: Robertson Hill School, First Anderson High School, Anderson High, and Old Anderson High. First Original L. C. Anderson Alumni Association, All-School Reunion, 1907-1971

Anderson High occupied four different locations before its current site on Mesa Drive. Originally named the Robertson Hill School, it opened in 1889 on the corner of San Marcos and E 11th. In 1908, now renamed after L.C.’s brother Ernest H. Anderson, it moved to Olive Street, and in 1913 to the corner of Pennsylvania and Comal, where Kealing Middle School is now located. Following L.C.’s death in 1938 the school was renamed in his honor. From 1953 to its closure in 1971, the school was on Thompson Street.

Courtesy of the Austin History Center, Austin Public Library

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